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Royal Flush Car Care

Royal Bundle of 5

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Pick any 5 500ml Products for only £42!

Choose from:

Ace of Spades Leather Cleaner

A unique detergent for cleaning leather upholstery and trim. Spray sparingly onto the surface, do not over apply / saturate. Agitate if necessary with a dedicated Tampico brush.

Fibonacci Aqua Aid

Fibonacci Aqua Aid is a concentrated polymer wax additive which gives an invisible polymer coating over the surface, aiding in the drying process of the vehicle. Rapidly reducing drying times.

Full House Trim and Tyre Gel

Full House is a high performance solvent based tyre gel, that provides a highly durable finish to tyres and trims. Full House darkens and restores colour to trims, and leaves a water-resistant layer which provides UV protection and hydrophobic properties.

High Card Tar and Glue Remover

High Card is a highly effective solvent blend to remove stubborn stains and spillages. Safe on Glass, Metals, Concrete, Tools and Equipment, Brickwork. Will also remove ingrained oil and grease deposits from storage tanks, lorries and cars.

Jack and Jelly Bean PH Neutral Shampoo

Jack and Jelly Bean Shampoo is a highly concentrated PH Neutral formula, that is wax, sealant and ceramic safe.
Even when highly diluted, Jack & Jellybean Shampoo produces phenomenal lubricity, with a luxurious, thick bubbly foam. 

Jokers Juice Wheel Cleaner

Jokers Juice is an alkaline based wheel cleaner which quickly breaks down dirt and accumulated brake dust on alloy and factory finished lacquered wheels. Provides excellent detergent and emulsification for soils contained in wheel grime.

Kings QuickCoat Nano Spray Sealant

Kings Quickcoat is your best hand for an easy to use Nano-spray Sealant. Its safe to use on most surfaces (NOT MATTE OR SATIN). Up to 4 months’ protection. Strong PH resistance.

Poker Face Citrus Prewash

Poker Face Citrus Prewash is a highly concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on surfaces when diluted in use. Its citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans in one application to effectively remove flies, traffic film, and general dirt from vehicle bodyworks and engines.

Queens Vision Glass Cleaner

Queens Vision is a powerful cleaning formula with fast evaporating properties to leave a smear free finish. Suitable on glass, mirrors, in car screens and chrome.

Queens Ceramic Si-02 Infused Quick Detailer

Queens Ceramic Coat is an Si-02 infused quick detailing spray. It offers high gloss, extreme contact angles and up to 3 months durability from a simple spray and wipe. It can be used as a stand alone detailer, or as a top up to improve hydrophobicity on existing protection. It is safe on sealants and waxes, and can be used on plastics, glass, paint and metals.

Royal Flush PH Neutral Snowfoam prewash

Royal Flush PH Neutral Snowfoam Prewash is a deep cleaning, high foaming formula.
It’s a ‘no physical contact’ product which is extremely economical, produces effective cleaning capabilities and brilliant clinging properties for perfect dwell on stubborn soiling/dirt. Its high PH foaming formulation will safely and effortlessly remove heavy soiling, traffic film, bugs and more.

Snake Eyes Iron Fallout Remover

Snake Eyes is a high strength, high cling, pH balanced iron contaminant remover. It is formulated to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants quickly and effectively.

Sovereign Interior Dressing

Sovereign interior dressing isa wipe on liquid dressing specifically formulated for interior use. It will enhance the appearance of dashboards, facia, vinyl, plastic, wood trims, and other polished surfaces. This premium formulation also returns plastics to their original darkened colour, and leaves a fresh car fragrance inside the vehicle.