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Royal Flush Car Care

Royal Flush PH Neutral Snowfoam Prewash

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Royal Flush PH Neutral Snowfoam Prewash is a deep cleaning, high foaming formula.
It’s a ‘no physical contact’ product which is extremely economical, produces effective cleaning capabilities and brilliant clinging properties for perfect dwell on stubborn soiling/dirt. Its high PH foaming formulation will safely and effortlessly remove heavy soiling, traffic film, bugs and more.


Dilute Royal Flush Snow Foam 1:10 parts with water for a thick royal sheet of foam. Dilute Royal Flush Snow Foam to 1:25 parts water for a thinner foam.

Apply to vehicle using a snowfoam lance. Leave to dwell for 1-2 minutes.
Remove using a pressure washer.


Do not allow to dry on the surface. take extra care when using in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. This product is LSP safe.